National Personal Development Facilitator and Business Coach
Allison was one of two national facilitators trained to teach an 8-week personal development program that guides and supports people to be their best selves. This life-changing program provided clients with the training necessary for independent, on-going self-development growth in an incredible personalized experience. Results were swift and tangible; clients across the board found resolution with these issues - stress, depression, anxiety, anger management, relationships, communication, confidence and self-esteem, changing negative habits, life direction, career direction and personal empowerment.

As a former business owner who successfully sold her business in 2018, Allison was able to modify her approach to teach this program with a focus on assisting businesses through hardship. Business clients report new feelings of calmness and clarity, bringing fresh perspective and solutions to corporate concerns.

A specialist in working with individuals, couples, and businesses, Allison worked closely with her clients to create an individualized program that met their needs. With captivating stories from her diverse background, she communicates in a way that is in keeping with who she is as a person: a nurturing teacher with wisdom, humour and compassion. 

Chief Operations Officer, Carbon Environmental 2008-2018
This company was successfully sold to new ownership in 2018. Known for its fine reputation, exceptional customer service and positive community presence, Allison created, administrated and operated this multi-faceted corporation, growing its audience from local darling to national presence. Through this venture, Allison knows firsthand the many challenges of business and entrepreneurship. She credits her many years of focussed personal development with her ability to navigate her company, her private life and the personal and business lives of others with gracious kindness. 

Marketing Committee Chair and Director, 124th Street Business Improvement Area

In this role, Allison facilitated the 2018 branding of 124th Street - including strategy work, target markets, graphic/web design coordination and more. The new 124th Street design incorporates the zeitgeist of the 400+ businesses on the street. Allison's work on this year-long project balanced artistic vision with corporate opinion, creating cooperation and camaraderie between many parties with a pleasing result.


Corporate and Creative Writer

With a great love for words, Allison became a contract columnist for The Edmonton Journal. Though she focused on local start-ups, Allison's body of client work also encompasses governmental work and established corporate giants. Allison brings vibrant and rich language to every interaction.

International Athlete
Allison was a competitive athlete and national champion in her chosen sport. An international gold medalist with a world ranking, Allison understands the discipline, focus and inner strength required to achieve rigorous long-term targets. This history enables her to deeply understand the competitive, athletic mindset prevalent not only in sport, but throughout society. 


Artistic Director

Allison was the Artistic Director of the National Ice Theatre of Canada, a role that brought skaters, actors, singers, dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, technicians, visual artists, designers, donors, volunteers and staff together in harmony. Allison is a visionary who believes that creative artistry that is the birthright of all humans. Through empathy and story, she brings creativity forth from others with overwhelmingly positive results.

104th Street Steering Committee
Allison worked within the Downtown Business Association to bring downtown Edmonton's 104th Street Promenade to dynamic life. Allison's role was vital to the current situation of the Downtown Farmer's Market on 104th Street, shaping it into a market that gained the attention of National Geographic Magazine blog as one of the 10 Best Farmers' Markets on the planet.


Manager, Sorrentino's Restaurant Group
Allison streamlined administrative processes as well as addressed and resolved staff issues with compassion and diplomacy in her hands-on role as Manager.

Recipient of the City of Edmonton Salute to Excellence Award

Recipient of the City of Edmonton Small Business Environmental Award

It has been such a pleasure to work with you:  each and every request we have made of you has been met with thorough professionalism.
You are always enthusiastically available, unflappable, so happy in every and any situation.
You are one-of-a-kind.

Lorraine Mansbridge • Anchor/Producer Global Morning News

Your caring personality shines through you.

Rob Stewart, Filmmaker and Author, Sharkwater and Save The Humans