Are you and I a good fit? 

Answer these questions with a Yes or No.
Do you doubt or regret your business decisions?
Do you need help or need more/different help than what you have?
In running your business, do you move from task to task without coming up for air?
Do you find yourself thinking negatively or critically of yourself, your business, and others?
Do you ask people for advice?
Do you complain about your business?
Do you feel stressed, frustrated, short-tempered or angry?
Is your company not making money despite your best efforts?
Do you have trouble sleeping because of your business?
Do you think that for something to be done right you have to do it yourself?
Do problems recur with the same type of situation or person?  
Are you sometimes discouraged or depressed?
Do you "put out fires"?
Is your life unbalanced with too much work and little to no play?
Are your emotions running high?
Do you feel trapped by your business?
Are you no longer interested in your business, bored of it, or numbed by it?
Do you throw your hands up in the air, feel overwhelmed, have a sense of futility, or want to give up?
Are you taking care of yourself?
If these questions resonate with you, my services will help you.
Assisting others is my highest service.
Contact me and help is on the way.
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