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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."  
~ Albert Einstein


Allison MacLean is a personal development coach with a current focus on assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners through hardship. A former business owner who successfully sold her business in 2018, Allison provides insight and solutions to your current business challenges in a fast, effective and inexpensive way. Areas of improvement include corporate direction, communication, leadership concerns, conflict mediation, system optimization, organization, stress management, improved corporate relationships, and more.

Business clients report new feelings of calmness and clarity, as Allison brings fresh perspective and solutions to corporate concerns. Results are swift and tangible.

Allison has experience with clinics, stores and restaurants to achieve individual professional goals as well as organizational objectives. Allison does this in a way that is exciting and enjoyable, bringing analytical skills, compassionate understanding, a highly evolved skillset and concrete action steps to improve your business.


$0 Free Initial Phone Consultation

Email or text Allison to book a time to connect. This initial phone call will help define your goals, inform you of the process and see if you and Allison are a good fit for each other.

• $500 Evaluate and Identify Package
Allison interviews key employees and observes business interactions. She identifies ways to maximize corporate strengths and provides guidance to address red flags and challenges.

$1000 Evaluate, Identify and Repair Package
In addition to the Evaluate and Identify Package, Allison rolls up her sleeves to work together with you to resolve main issues.

Interested in selling your business? Allison provides coaching for this as well, with a specialized focus on local businesses with a loyal following. Having adeptly sold her own retail business, Allison brings small business buyers to the table for you, using her own tried and true method, at a fraction of the cost of a business broker.


"Allison has helped my professional corporation. Interactions with colleagues have become less stressful than before and I see great improvement with my moods and stress levels. Allison was always friendly and encouraging - I really appreciated her enthusiasm!" - Dentist

I have been responding much better to challenges, personally and professionally! - Doctor

There is not a lot of valuable information or help available for struggling entrepreneurs. Few people understand the emotional, physical and financial struggles that are involved in small business, let alone how to exit one. Allison was able to connect with me in my world because she had experienced the same struggles and came out stronger. She listened without judgement, offered new options I hadn’t considered and helped me find a new path where I could be successful. 
– Sarah Proudlock, The Tea Girl


Allison is a person of integrity. She is brilliant, creative, intuitive, inspiring, and excels at everything she invests in. On a personal level she is genuine and compassionate. She’s a pleasure to work with. Allison listens like you’re the only person in the room and creates solutions that you didn’t know were possible. – C.S.  124 Street Marketing & Communications Coordinator


Allison is one of the most creative people I have come across. She is able to apply a disciplined approach using her unique skill set to create original, effective and productive outcomes. In addition, Allison has a positive outlook on life that exudes from her and is apparent to anyone who meets her. - T.R.   ProLine Group

Book a free phone consultation today for you and your small business.

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