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A secret of humanity uncovered in 1949, and still not common knowledge.

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

In 1949 Joseph Campbell wrote an amazing book entitled The Hero With a Thousand Faces. In the last two months, this book has been recommended to me by two members of my immediate family (in other words, people who know me best and know what I like), as well as my best friend Caroline, herself a writer, blogger and thinker extraordinaire.

Joseph Campbell was a professor of Literature. In his work, he studied writings from across the spans of culture, distance and time. He is erudite, having steeped himself in mythologies and theologies, gaining wisdom from the stories of heroes, monsters, and their motivations.

What intrigues me is that in these stories, he found something. Something no one else found. Something secret. Something arcane.

What he found was a pattern.

In every myth, in every story, from every culture and every century - people were telling the same story. The very same story!!

The fact that this book exists is a revelation to me, in that it proves what I already believe. It confirms for me the fact that all humanity is interconnected. We have all been telling the exact same stories since the dawn of time. Sharing this wisdom, Campbell applies these stories as metaphor to illuminate modern complex problems, for indeed, modern problems are no different from ancient ones. We all want to be happy, to understand life's riddles, to have abundance, to not suffer.

And so, I highly recommend reading the wisdom of Joseph Campbell, to throw your own life's story into bas relief. Can you see how your current challenges could be alleviated by learning how to slay your own dragons? Within its pages is the very template to becoming the hero of your own life.

No time for books? Check him out on Wikipedia, or view his TWO, not one, but TWO documentaries on Netflix. At the very least watch the video below. The past informs our future, yes. But more importantly it informs our NOW. So check it out NOW. You'll be happy you did.

Let me know what you think of JC, and the hero's (and heroine's) journey.

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