"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."  
~ Albert Einstein


Breakthrough to the freedom and power of self-knowledge!

Allison MacLean teaches The Compassionate Call’s Level One 8-week program called The Connection.
Begin your personal development journey by learning this hands-on, proven method of balancing your emotions,
clarifying your thoughts, improving your drive, and enhancing your physical reality.

In this program you are personally facilitated by Allison MacLean, privately by phone.

Clients transform from session to session to become happier, greatly more empowered people!

Join The Connection community for measurable growth and INCREDIBLY POSITIVE CHANGE.


Specializing in independent businesses with loyal followings, Allison MacLean uses her keen business skills
AND personal development training to guide and support you.

Having adeptly sold her own retail business, Allison has turned her approach into a recipe for success.
She brings small business buyers to the table for you, using her own tried and true method,
at a small fraction of the cost of a business broker.

Not looking to sell your business, but needing guidance?
Give Allison a call and see if she is the business coach for you.


“I am amazed at the experiences that Allison led me to and through in The Connection program. Her calm, respectful manner and beautiful way with words is magical and her sense of humour is delightful! I looked forward to every session… to what I would learn and encounter. She helped me uncover a new layer of self-empowerment through her gentle, yet confident direction. I am forever grateful!” – Business owner

“I believe The Connection program would prove to be of benefit to anyone, as the tools provided within it create so many positive benefits. This experience provided me with a much greater understanding of my own self, which I can now be far more compassionate towards, while creating a better understanding of the behaviours of others as well, which leads to more positive relationships overall.  Allison provided what I felt was a safe and supportive space in order to learn and grow.  I appreciated her positivity and encouragement throughout the program, which made it really fun!” - Writer/Artist

“A hectic week used to be the status quo for me, but now it’s the exception. I’m proud of myself because I’m conscious of how much I’ve changed! I needed this! Thank you for taking me where I needed to go.” – Business owner and mother


There is not a lot of valuable information or help available for struggling entrepreneurs. Few people understand the emotional, physical and financial struggles that are involved in small business, let alone how to exit one. Allison was able to connect with me in my world because she had experienced the same struggles and came out stronger. She listened without judgement, offered new options I hadn’t considered and helped me find a new path where I could be successful. – Sarah Proudlock, The Tea Girl


Allison is a person of integrity. She is brilliant, creative, intuitive, inspiring, and excels at everything she invests in. On a personal level she is genuine and compassionate. She’s a pleasure to work with. Allison listens like you’re the only person in the room and creates solutions that you didn’t know were possible.
– C.S.  124 Street Marketing & Communications Coordinator


Allison is one of the most creative people I have come across. She is able to apply a disciplined approach using her unique skill set to create original, effective and productive outcomes. In addition, Allison has a positive outlook on life that exudes from her and is apparent to anyone who meets her. - T.R.   ProLine Group


Facilitating nationwide in Canada and the USA


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